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A long-term benefit for those most in need. 


Rent Assistance Benefits are funds paid directly to Rocky View Foundation subsidy recipients to help make their rent with a private landlord more affordable.


Monthly rent supplement programs are available to help Albertans in need to afford their rent. Government subsidizes affordable housing programs, while local housing providers are responsible for managing the program and selecting tenants.

The Rental Assistance Benefit geographical boundaries include the municipality of Rocky View County and the townsites of Airdrie, Cochrane, Crossfield, Irricana, and Beiseker.

The rent supplement program provides a subsidy to help make rental accommodation more affordable for individuals and families. 

Under the Canada-Alberta Housing Benefit, the Governments of Canada and Alberta jointly provide funding for the Rent Supplement Program. This initiative is part of the National Housing Strategy. To learn more about how the province and the federal government support affordable housing in Alberta, see Canada-Alberta Affordable Housing Agreements.

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