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“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” Kathy Calvin

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Legacy Giving

What is a bequest?

A bequest is a gift from your estate — a transfer of cash, securities or other property made through your estate plans — and can be made to a charity like Rocky View Foundation. 

A bequest can be made for a specific amount, for a percentage of your estate or for all or a portion of what is left after you have made bequests to your family. This is an incredible way to leave a legacy after you are gone and to ensure that you wishes are honoured, you may need create a new will or living trust instrument, add a codicil to your present will, or make an amendment to your present trust instrument.

How does a bequest work?
  • You retain control and use of your assets during your lifetime.

  • You may modify your bequest if your circumstances change.

  • Providing a charitable gift may be advantageous to the estate when it comes to filing the final income tax documentation to the government.

  • A bequest costs nothing now, yet gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have provided for a charity’s future.

Monthly Giving

Provide consistent, stable funding and you can be strategic about your annual contributions with an automatic monthly donation.

  • it also helps you budget as well!  Instead of making the mad donation dash in the middle of the heavy-spending holiday season, feel good giving year-round 

  • Keep your record keeping simple for tax time - get one receipt with all of your charitable donations made that fiscal year

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Memorial/In Honour Of

In memoriam or “in memory” donations are a wonderful way to honour or remember a loved one who’s passed away, while making an important difference. Celebrate the life of someone special to you and make a gift in their name on our donations page by selecting to dedicate your donation.

Gift of Securities

The Rocky View Foundation accepts Gift of Securities. Federal incentives have made it very attractive to donate publicly traded securities that have appreciated in value. As a result, Canadians are no longer taxed on the capital gain accrued on gifts of publicly traded securities when the securities are donated directly to a registered charity. This opportunity creates a very effective way to achieve your philanthropic priorities. 

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Donate a Car

Donate a Car Canada accepts vehicle donations for Rocky View Foundation. Free towing is provided in most areas across Canada, or you can drop off your vehicle to maximize your donation.

When you donate your car, truck, RV, boat, or motorcycle to Rocky View Foundation through Donate A Car Canada, it will either be recycled or sold at auction (depending on its condition, age and location).

Donate a Car Canada will look after all the details to make it easy for Rocky View Foundation to benefit. After your vehicle donation is complete, you will receive a tax receipt and we will put your gift to good use.

Corporate Matching

Every gift, no matter the size, has an impact. By making your contribution a matching gift, you can double or in some cases, triple, the impact of your gift.


Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Some companies will also match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. You could multiply the impact of your gift! Please ask your HR department if your company has a matching gift program and take advantage of the opportunity to maximize the power of your gift to Rocky View Foundation.

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Gift in Kind

The Rocky View Foundation is pleased to accept gifts in kind when appropriate. These gifts may include equipment, artwork, or any other non-cash gift. Donors of non-monetary eligible gifts (or gifts-in-kind) are entitled to receive an official receipt that reflects the fair market value of the gift.

Please contact Carol Borschneck for more information.

Bottle Return

Heading to the bottle depot can be messy and eat up a good chunk of your day. SkipTheDepot lets you ditch the dirty work while supporting our work!

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Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are a vital part of the work that we do and help our residents live their best lives. If you are looking to give the gift of time, consider spending it with the Rocky View Foundation.

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