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Since 1964, we’ve been the only affordable housing operator for Rocky View seniors and currently have seven independent manors and Seniors Level 2 (SL2) lodges and there is an urgent need for us to expand and provide more homes in the region. 


Most Canadians imagine retirement as a time to bond with family and friends.  Our expectation is to enjoy deep personal connections and activities in communities where we feel a profound sense of purpose and belonging.


With inflation and the exponential rise in the cost of housing, an alarming number of seniors are found living in substandard, unsafe housing or have been forced to move out of a community that has been their home for decades. Moving away from a community that provides essential supports and connections has been detrimental to their health. This is not acceptable.


The affordable housing crisis in Canada is getting worse and, in Alberta, the crisis is disproportionately affecting seniors.


No one imagined the retirement would include: 

  • The threat of homelessness

  • The stress and anxiety of having to choose between nutritious food and paying the rent

  • Having to leave the communities where we’ve raised our families and built lasting relationships

  • Mental and physical health issues caused by stress, loneliness, anxiety and depression − largely triggered by poverty

Your support of the Rocky View Foundation can change how our seniors spend their golden years and your will accelerate the creation of seniors’ facilities in the Rocky View region – including Airdrie, Bragg Creek, Cochrane and many more.

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We are a registered charity and appreciate donations to help our lodges. All donations - large or small - make a positive impact on the lives of our seniors.

Past donations have been used for gazebos, furniture, Freedom bathing tubs, an aquarium, a pool table and exercise equipment.

To make a donation, please complete the "Make a Donation" above or click the Donation link to make a donation online. 

Donor Profile: The late Jean Grant

In 2017, we received an exceptional gift of $777,000 from the late Jean Grant.

Jean was a big supporter of the Big Hill Lodge in Cochrane and believed in our mission of providing safe, affordable supportive living accommodations and services to seniors.

The dining room at Big Hill Lodge is named in Jean's honour.

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