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Our Future

Dick Koetsier, Bragg Creek seniors' houing site donor

Dick Koetsier, land donor at Bragg Creek seniors' housing site.

The senior population in our region is growing and we must expand to serve the housing needs of this increased population.  Our Bragg Creek housing project is progressing with pre-development work. We will be constructing up to 20 housing units on a 2.1 acre property located at 50 White Avenue.

We are also beginning to plan the new Big Hill Lodge in Cochrane with larger resident rooms and increased amenities. The Town of Cochrane is in discussions with Rocky View Foundation to pursue the development of a new lodge downtown in the heart of the community.

Langdon, in SE Rocky View County, is an area that has no seniors housing. With current population exceeding 5,000 and an approved area structure plan to build out to 13,500, Langdon requires seniors' housing services.

Airdrie is a city of 70,000 people and is in dire need of affordable seniors' housing options. Rocky View Foundation is working with Airdrie groups to increase our housing stock and to meet this demand.

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